Students write research paper for the first time: avoid typical mistakes

//Students write research paper for the first time: avoid typical mistakes

Students write research paper for the first time: avoid typical mistakes

Many students believe they have ample time to complete their research papers. Hence, they leave it for a later time. However. Little do they know that a research paper is different from an essay. So, as a student, when asked to write one, you first need to ask, “What is a research paper?” This will help you know its distinction from an essay and what it entails. A research paper is an academic article where you present your evaluation, analysis, argument, or interpretation of a subject.

Writing research papers is a difficult task for many students. This is because, as the name suggests, a lot of research needs to be conducted before on starts working on their article. You may postpone working on your assignment until the deadline approaches. You will not be able to put all your ideas, research materials, and source of inspiration together while writing the paper. Additionally, you may not want to purchase a research paper online – just check Edujungles service in UKHowever, there are ways you can learn how to write a research paper fast and get to boost your grades which are as discussed below.

Develop a thesis

To learn how to start a research paper, develop a solid thesis. The thesis states what your article is about. You do not have to overthink about it because you are trying to prove something. Have a thesis which you can work with.

Conduct basic research

Conduct basic research to support your claim or argument. Your research needs to have information which backs up your assertion. But, do not spend too much time conducting research. Spend less than ten minutes to gather the information you need.

Create an outline

Draft an outline after you have conducted research. It should include;


  • A hook
  • Transition
  • Thesis

Body Paragraphs

  • Central idea
  • Evidence from the research
  • Transition


  • A hook
  • Transition
  • Thesis restatement
  • Final statement

Once you create your outline, fill in all the information you have gathered from your research into the parts of the outline above. This will help simplify the writing process and make it enjoyable.

Write your paper

Write your paper based on your outline. The writing process will be easier as you have the information you need from your outline. Do not include new information which you are not able to prove.

Revise and edit

Go through your paper and correct all the punctuation, grammatical, and spelling mistakes you may have made. Ensure your paper is error-free. Also, check whether your article coincides with your thesis statement.


Finally, you need to create a citations page for the citations you have incorporated in your article. This will help the reader know where you gathered your research from. When adding your citations, ensure you choose the format stated by the instructor.

In conclusion, writing a research paper is a difficult task for many students. This is because it requires a lot of time and research to develop a top-notch article. But many students procrastinate their writing assignment for last minute. When the due date approaches, they all want to learn how to write their articles fast without relying on help from a professional or writing service. But, some wonder how they will be able to do so. Conversely, one can learn how to write their article fast and get to improve their grades. Above are some tips you can use if you want to learn how to write a research paper fast.

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