Pelican Park Grounds

About the Park

Carencro, Louisiana is the home of our multi-million dollar complex with "country club" surroundings for players and spectators. We also host festivals, concerts and corporate events.



Baseball, Slow and Fast-Pitch Softball, Flag Football and MORE! You'll find it here at Pelican Park! We have many opportunities for you to get involved - Contact Us for more information.

Mercredi Concerts


Our Mercredi Shows are held every Wednesday for 7 weeks in the Fall and Spring. Check the schedule for upcoming shows.

Park Activities

More Activities

Take advantage of our jogging track and fully stocked fishing pond. You can also join the fun as a spectator at one of the many events – including the "Strongman Competition."

Soft Drinks and Concessions

While you're here, you'll want to take advantage of the great food and drinks at our concessions window, restaurant or bar.

Park Facilities

The enclosed clubhouse offers air-conditioned comfort for enjoying a meal while watching the activities.


Thank you Richie Soley for your Tournament May 23rd

      For Information you may contact:

 Richie Soley (985) 351-0390 or contact Pelican Park 337-896-5000   

Select baseball league began April 30, 2015.  Games will be held on Wednesday nights.

  For information contact Pelican Park.        


       Application:  1. Click on session. 2. Click on links.  3. than click on application for your device and download.

Pelican Park would like to thank La. Machinery for hosting their annual Company tournament on April 18, 2015


Thank you La. Machinery on a day of family fun.

MERCREDI SHOW May 27, 2015


Featuring: Nik-L-Beer. Music begins at 6pm





Boys Baseball May 30, 2015

 Boys Baseball USSSA Contact Sports Production

Memorial Day (Don't forget your military friends)

We will be closed this Memorial Day.


Lonestar Softball Tournament May 23-24, 2015

Thank you Lonestar for hosting this event at Pelican Park.

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